Dimension Screens 120in PHANTOM Acoustic Screen

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The Phantom 120in Acoustic screen is built and based on our specification. This transparent fabric works well with both 4K and 1080P projectors, enhancing your audio and video performance perfectly.
Acoustically transparent projection screen material enables the use of speakers behind the screen. Featuring industry-leading audio clarity and excellent colour neutrality, Phantom Acoustic 4K resolution, brightness uniformity and wide viewing angle make it an excellent choice in dark environments.

dimension screens acoustic screen

Key Features

Additional Features

  • High fidelity gray surface produces superb clarity and sharp images
  • Screen surface can be cleaned with a microfiber cloth
  • 88% polarization retention 
  • Angular-Reflective and Ambient Light Rejecting technology
  • Mildew Resistant
  • View Angle: 80º (L&R 40º)
  • Gain: 1.5
  • Active 3D and 4K Ultra HD Ready
  • Flame Retardant: Complies with NFPA 701 Standards
  • Perfect companion piece for Airflex5D - 2D/3D Multi-Projector Stacking System to form as a professional grade passive 3D system.

2D/3D Polarized Ambient Light Rejecting Screen Material

The Phantom Dayview is superior to traditional white or grey projector screen materials as it’s ability to maintain a sharp, bright image regardless of surrounding ambient light.  The reflective material incorporates a diffusion layer over a highly reflective surface.  This causes direct light from the projector to reflect squarely into the viewer's field of vision while the outer contrast layer enhances image quality while absorbing indirect ambient light


Model No. ACOUSTIC 120"
Screen Type / Ratio ACOUSTIC Fixed Frame, Edge Free / 16:9 Ratio
Screen Size (in) 120 inch
Viewing Size (cm) 265.7 x 149.4
Overall Size (cm) 267.7 x 151.4
Frame Edge Width (mm) 10mm
Frame Depth (cm) 3.500 cm
Package Dimensions (LxWxH) 188 x 38 x 15cm
Package Weight 26.7 kg