Dimension Screens 92in Premium Electric ANDROMEDA Projection Screen

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The ANDROMEDA 92in Premium Electric projection screen from Dimension Screens is suitable for diverse installations in New Zealand.

High quality industrial aluminum casinging with elegant painted  finish

We use Fibergalss material for much better picture not cheap plastic Vinyl

Thicker tube to give a strong support to avoid V shape and eliminates noise effectly

Unique sliding brackets to provide super easy installation for ceiling or wall

low noise high performance Tubler Motor Not cheap synchronous ones like most

HD Glass fiber material not common Matt white material much better picture.

Professional packing solution to  reduce risk of transportation damage, ensure a perfect flat surface

60cm extra black drop

No ugly wall box required .RF sensor built into case

RF remote control
Built-in 12V wirless trigger


Dynawhite 4K 100

Dynawhite 4K100 is high performance fabric, loved by experienced movie fans. It deliver true neutral color, perfect performance for showing much more picture details,great wide view angle. Used specially on home cinema screens and commercial cinema screens. Working excellent with 4K and 1080P projectors


1.Great Wide view angle
2.No hot spots, super falt surface
3.Excellent uniformity and colour temperature
4.Showing much more picture details
4.Mildew resistant,flame retardent
5.Surface can be cleaned with  mild soap and water  

1. Material: Flexible PVC
2. Peak Gain: 1.0
3. Color: Pure white
4. Thickness: 0.35mm
5. Half Gain Angel: 90°

Home Cinema;  Private Club; Hotel Conference Room


Key Features

Screen Surface (Glass-Fiber woven textile)

SolidCinema HD110 is a glass fiber Matte White surface, four layer structure ensure best possible flat surface. With an advanced optical coating technology, the fabric improve its brightness and uniformity, Working excellent with 1080 and 4K ready projectors

Screen Features

  • Perfect bright image
  • Excellent uniformity and colour temperature
  • No hot spots
  • Mildew resistant, flame retardent fabric
  • Surface can be cleaned with mild soap and water  

Remote Control

  • RF remote control
  • IR remote control
  • Built-in 12V wireless trigger (Optional)

Product Warranty

2 Year Warranty

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Model No. ANDROMEDA 92"
Screen Type / Ratio PREMIUM ELECTRIC / 16:9 Ratio
Screen Size (in) 92 inch
Screen Material / Colour Glass-Fiber woven textile / Pure White
Screen Material Thickness 0.45mm
Peak Gain 1.1
Upper Border 63 cm
Dropper Bar 214.20
Inner Bar 127
Package Dimensions (LxWxH) 236.3 x 20 x 19 cm
Package Weight 14.00 kg